Number Plate and Winch Control


High-calibre accessories for TJM winch-compatible bull bars: Number plates and winch can be fitted simply and safely with this complete set. The biggest plus point: Only such professional fitting enables the winch to deliver perfect functional performance.
(excl. 20% VAT.)
  • Number plate and winch control box bracket kit
useable for
FordCourierCOURIER Mini Van (J5_, J3_)1999/01 - 2006/12
HoldenRodeoRODEO1988/01 - 2008/12
Land RoverDiscoveryDISCOVERY I (LJ, LG)1993/01 - 1998/10
Land RoverDiscoveryDISCOVERY II (LJ, LT)2002/10 - 2004/06
Land RoverDiscoveryDISCOVERY II (LJ, LT)1999/09 - 2002/12
Land RoverDiscoveryDISCOVERY IV (LA)2009/09 -
Toyota4 Runner4 RUNNER (RN10_, VZN13_, VZN10_, RN13_)1987/08 - 1989/12
ToyotaHiluxHILUX II Pick-up (RN6_, RN5_, LN6_, YN6_, YN5_, LN5_)Solid Front1988/01 - 1997/12
ToyotaHiluxHILUX III Pick-up (TGN1_, GGN2_, GGN1_, KUN2_, KUN1_)2005/01 - 2011/12
ToyotaHiluxHILUX III Pick-up (TGN1_, GGN2_, GGN1_, KUN2_, KUN1_)2012/01 -

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