Offroad News

Puch G 230GE for hunter revitalised 10/11/2022

For a passionate hunter we have prepared a Puch G 230 GE. . .

Automechanika Frankfurt 13th-17th September 2022 7/12/2022

Visit us at the usual stand in hall 3 booth no. B01!
Like no other trade fair, Automechanika in Frankfurt represents the entire value chain of the automotive aftermarket.

Superkarpata Trophy 2022 – with the Pinzgauer through the Romanian Carpathians 7/7/2022

44 teams from 8 nations will compete in the Superkarpata Trophy this year. . .

G-amboree 2022 Offroad in Hungary 6/23/2022

From July 7-10, 2022 it’s time again! The 8th Mercedes-Benz & Puch G Meeting in Hungary will take place again.

Abenteuer Allrad 2022, Germany 6/9/2022

We are one of more than 350 exhibitors from all over the world at the All-Wheel Adventure. It has been one of the most important events in the industry worldwide for many years.... More

Der Wolf ist los - Galerie 6/1/2022

Über 40 Teilnehmer in 25 Fahrzeugen nahmen bei der Veranstaltung in Biberbach an der Riß teil. 
Des Resümee: "Der kann ja mehr als ich dachte!"..

Pinzgauer 716K P93 revitalized for mountain rescue 3/28/2022

The Pinzgauer is ideal for use in the mountains. For mountain rescue, we have prepared and revitalized their emergency vehicle – a Pinzgauer 716K P93...

Der Wolf ist los 22.05.2022 Biberach an der Riß, Deutschland 3/25/2022

Abenteuer mit dem Wolf und anderen nicht-zivilen Versionen der G-Klasse...Abenteuer mit dem Wolf und anderen Militärversionen der G-Klasse
Abenteuer mit dem Wolf und anderen Militärversionen der G-Klasse
An dieser Stelle dürfen wir euch die Veranstaltung „Der Wolf ist los“ ankündigen.
Fahrspaß und Geselligkeit unter Gleichgesinnten...

Acuma ONE 230GE 3/9/2022

The perfect fun vehicle!
Our S-TEC workshop has converted a standard 230 GE and turned it into something very special!

G Mopf 463A G400d Umbau auf Offroad 3/7/2022

Our S-TEC workshop made the G400 d even more offroad suitable
  • Underrun protection incl. Tank protection plate mounted in stainless steel
  • Drawer system trunk with dog box
  • ...

Hellsklamm 2021 Offroad day - galery 10/13/2021

This year’s Offroad Festival was a complete success! More than 70 Puch enthusiasts came with their own vehicle. . . More

Mercedes G320 CDI 8/16/2021

A new project from our S-TEC workshop: Mercedes G320 CDI

50 years Pinzgauer - gallery 7/19/2021

50 years of Pinzgauer were celebrated appropriately! More

Formula Pinzgauer 6/25/2021

The Formula 1 teams Red Bull Racing Honda and Scuderia Alpha Tauri deliver a thrilling race... both Pinzgauers were prepared by S-TEC.


G-amboree 2021: The G-Treffen 8th-11th July 21 6/10/2021

G-amboree: Mercedes G-meeting – the place to be!

This adventure is for You! Come to the G-amboree and spend a memorable weekend with your
favorite car in Hungary’s most beautiful region among friends. Meet people from various countries
with similar interests, and test yourself and your car on exciting roads. G-amboree is made for you,
because if you are driving a G you surely know:

“Some might have hobbies, we have a passion!”


Puch G 230GE Camouflage-Edition 1/29/2021

“I already had high expectations of the refurbishment, but I didn’t imagine the result so great!” said the customer at the handover of the Camouflage Edition.

refurbished G230 all in 1/20/2021

With this refurbished Puch G230 you can go all out. . . More

modification Puch G250 GD/KP 8/21/2020

Why our customer decided for a G250 GD/KP and which highlights, vehicle data, services on the base vehicle as well as the additional equipment were made, can be found here:

G-Amboree G Meeting VOL 6. 6/9/2020

This adventure is for You! Come to the G-amboree and spend a memorable weekend with your favorite car in Hungary’s most beautiful region among friends.  More

An Offroader for Arnold Schwarzenegger 8/8/2019

The reputation of S-TEC, a company of Magna, as an aftermarket expert has clearly spread all the way to Hollywood.